New Sheet Music: Dougie MacLean

A couple of months ago I got to know the music of Scottish singer/songwriter Dougie MacLean. I had come across his name several times before because he wrote the songs Ready For The Storm, of which I knew and loved the Rich Mullins cover version, and The Gael, which became the main theme for the brilliant soundtrack of the movie The Last Of The Mohicans.
When I finally decided to learn more about this Dougie MacLean, I was blown away by the soothing beauty of his songs, his voice with the slight Scottish accent, and the longing for the homeland of my forefathers I could sense while listening to the music.

I then contacted him to see if he would be interested in having sheet music created for his songs, and it turned out that he is already working on that with a team in Scotland. So I was a little late with my approach, but instead I was allowed to publish the transcriptions I had sent him on this site.

You can listen to the songs on Spotify and freely download the sheet music here:

Take Cover #1

As promised, this is the beginning of my new video series. Every Saturday there will be a brand-new video of me recording a cover song, live and uncut.
I thought it would be a difficult decision which song to start this series with, but after playing some of the songs I do when I go busking, this one felt just right:

For No One
Music and Lyrics by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
originally recorded by The Beatles

Come to think about it, it absolutely makes sense to start with a Beatles song, as the Beatles were the first band I ever was a huge fan of (and still am). I don’t remember For No One particularly standing out to me when I listened to the Beatles as a child, but now I consider it to be one of the most beautiful songs Paul McCartney has ever written (John Lennon actually wasn’t involved at all in this song).

The Beatles’ recording didn’t contain any guitar whatsoever, but I think it works rather well as a guitar song; although I have to say it’s not quite the same without the beautiful horn solo.

Let me conclude with a list of my favourite compositions by Paul McCartney, one of my most appreciated songwriters:

  1. C’mon People
  2. The Long And Winding Road
  3. The Fool On The Hill
  4. Your Mother Should Know
  5. For No One
  6. Here, There And Everywhere
  7. Drive My Car
  8. Maybe I’m Amazed
  9. Here Today
  10. Eleanor Rigby

A New Beginning

This is a new beginning indeed – but only for my website.
Some time ago I decided to rebuild my website and move to another server, and finally I got round to finishing it, updating the design just slightly. The result is very pleasing to me as it is much faster and easier to maintain. I am also making use of two new products, which I have to mention here because they really were the starting point to my new website.

  • Kirby is the CMS I now use, and since it is file-based and does not need any database, it is super easy to update and maintain.
  • Uberspace is my new hosting provider. They basically offer you anything you need for a self-chosen fee, and they have fantastic support. If you are in need of a web or email hosting service, I urge you to try them out (if you speak German).

Being fascinated by their concepts, both Kirby and Uberspace kept me awake almost all night when I discovered them, and I am very happy to be able to make use of them now and for a long time to come.

Now, most of you are probably not as interested as I am in these technical things, so here is what I have planned contentwise for this site in the future; my old site massively lacked regular updates, and I am keen to change that right now.

  • Very soon I am going to start a weekly series of video recordings, in which I will be doing acoustic cover versions of songs I love (most of which I also play when I occasionally go busking). These will be one-take live recordings without overdubs.
  • I also want to start writing about and recommending things that inspire me – mostly music, but maybe also movies, books, quotes, you name it –, though these posts will not appear as frequently.
  • Of course, all news regarding my life as a musician and music engraver will appear here as well. Smaller and more frequent updates will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • From time to time there might be a new addition to my Transcriptions page, where I gather sheet music I created (with the songwriters’ approval), but nowadays I try to get most of my transcription work officially published.
  • See all my future and former concerts (only reaching back to 2013) with several bands and musicians at the Live page. This list will be up to date at all times.

You are always welcome to leave me a message through the various social networks or email. I would love to hear from you!